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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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night. 40 to 60 juveniles ran up the stairs as the train was pulling into the station. when the doors open, witnesses say the group jumped onto the plane and allegedly robbed several people of their cell phones and bags and later pumped two people in the face later treated by paramedics. by the time the police officers arrived the group was gone. smaller groups of young people are known to board planes and steal people's phones but a group 40-60 is highly unusual. >> it's very upsetting. we don't want our passengers to go through something like this or witnesses feel they're in a position to control it if it were to happen, one person versus 30 to 50 people and this is something we have to work with neighboring law enforcement to get control of. >> law enforcement has to step up and put on more law enforcement and security but i don't feel they're doing enough
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to resolve these issues. >> reporter: we do know there is surveillance of this group of individuals but b.a.r.t. can't make it public because they're younger than 18. there were nine cars in question saturday night and six had working cameras. the other three still need to be replaced. b.a.r.t. said they will have working cameras on all their trains by july 1st. coming up at 6:00, what b.a.r.t. said they're specifically doing to combat crime on the trains and stations and why it might not have worked this weekend. back to you. highway 160 at antioch is still closed. there was a crash just after 10:00 this morning. the driver was ejected from the cab and airlifted to the hospital with major burns.
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the other driver mad major injuries and one side of his rig was destroyed. scary wake-up call in walnut creek after a car drove right through a house. the homeowner says if he, his wife or kids had been in that front room they would not have survived. >> reporter: a mercedes tore two massive holes in peter's home and he says the worst part is his security. >> it's scary. >> reporter: he doesn't want his kids anywhere near the garage playroom. >> no. the clear answer is no. >> reporter: a young driver took the curb too fast, loss control, went through brush and smashed one side of the house and landed the other. >> he was very scared about the fact it was not his own car, i don't give a rat's -- i don't care what he was driving, 40, 50, 60, the recommended speed is 20 miles an hour.
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>> reporter: to make matteders worse, this isn't the first time. six months ago a drunk driver landed in his front yard. >> we said, we should be happy it didn't land in my house. things like one off thing but it isn't it seems. >> reporter: neighbors say speeding along these curves is common. >> i see it everyday. he's staying with friends and not sure when he will move home or fix it after the accident. people flying in and out of sfo this weekend faced extensive flight delays and cancellation, issues we could in many more weekends to come. one of its four runways is being repaved and repainted and having more lights installed. the work is happening on nine weekends through june out of service during that time. over the weekend more than 1,000
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flights were canceled. they said the airlines were told about the scheduled work. >> we're prevented by law to get them to change the schedules. we tell them and it's up to them whether to cancel flights in advance, really an airline decision. >> those delays could come again when the work is scheduled. >> two groups invited ann coulter to speak this thursday made good on their promise to sue the university. today at today's announcement. is ann coulter still planning to speak on campus thursday? >> reporter: she says, yes. you may recall they offered an alternative date of may 2nd. she said she's not available that night. she maintains she will speak on uc berkeley's campus even tweeting saying it looks like it will be a nice day for an outdoor speech. >> three days before conservative commentator, ann
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coulter arrives on uc berkeley's campus, two of the three groups that invited her is suing the campus and university police for constitutional rights violations. >> i never thought i would be on the same side of an issue as bernie sanders and bill maher. >> reporter: they call it a high profile speakers policy that creates limited conditions around certain speakers about when and where they can speak on campus. >> it's not in writing. it's not been publicized but it has been used to shut down two speakers that the berkeley college republicans have brought to cal. >> reporter: uc berkeley said it is responsible for insuring safety and security during events and also there was no secure location for coulter's visit this thursday. dylan questions the role of ucpd and said they stood down during other recent violent protests on campus. >> unless somebody is about to
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be killed that's their standard for intervening. >> unless somebody is being beaten up, rocks thrown, people punched in the head, that's not sufficient for them to intervene. >> reporter: they said they reviewed the response to the incident and will take a different approach this thursday. the spokesperson would not say what that different approach would entail but did say there will be a high visibility law enforcement presence. late this afternoon, uc berkeley e-mailed out a response to ts lawsuit being filed in part writing, uc berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutually agreeable time for miss coulter's visit which has not yet been scheduled and commits to doing so and all members of the berkeley and larger community including ms coulter herself are safe. they're saying it's not yet been scheduled and ann coulter saying she will be on campus this
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thursday. abc7 news. >> thank you. we've posted the entire court document on "abc news".com and abc7 news app. a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a sacramento man beaten by police for suspected jaywalking. john burris made the announcement in sacramento. this is video of the incident that took place earlier this month. sacramento police officer pushed him about 20 times. the suit names the city and county of sacramento alleging excessive force and racial profiling. the weather behind us you can see, it has been a grey and rainy day today. >> spencer christian here. how long is this going to continue? >> periods of grey traveling through the bay area the next couple days, not much longer but over midweek. there's no actual rainfall
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unveiling now maybe spotty sprinkles across the south bay. looking at mostly cloudy skies, 59 degrees and temperatures in the low 60s, mountain view, and another view of the crowds from emoryville, beautiful shot. temperatures in the low 60s at santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield, concord. if you're looking for baseball, giants and dodgers. it will be typical san francisco baseball weather, cloudy and school, 65 to 66 degrees. we have clouds and moisture moving in our direction to look forward to and possible drizzle and then summer-like warmth coming our way and we will show you something to celebrate coming up later. >> thank you so much, spencer. we have breaking news in chile where residents have been
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shaken by a 7.1 earthquake. people felt it nearly 100 miles away in santiago, the capitol. there are no reports of injuries or reports of a tsunami. >> students are calling for a general strike next monday to coincide with mayday demonstrations. aztec dancers kicked it off. it will be followed by march to the civic center. as in the past the march will focus on the contribution of immigrants. >> shut your business down and join us. our collars mean a lot, how we support our dollars and businesses that support our dollars. >> marches are in san jose, oakland and santa rosa. the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a resolution supporting the march
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and asking employers not to discipline workers who do not show up for work. asking the trump administration to release millions of workers and cal train. they urged the white house to stop delaying the project which would electrify the line and replace the agency's fleet of locomotives and rail cars. >> the president keeps saying make america great again. the president's proposal would really make america stop. >> in februaryy the trump administration withheld $647 million in funding to modernize the aging and overcrowded system. the white house is seeking to tut nearly a billion dollars from the transportation budget this year. today, b.a.r.t. unveiled what it calls one of the largest charging stations in the area. as many as 42 electric vehicles can be charged there at the same time. these are the only ev charging
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stations in the entire b.a.r.t. system and they're now available to the public. the recovery from that massive power out annual in san francisco and investigation into how many people could lose power going forward and what it means for the city if a major earthquake hits. >> an unimaginable thing to live through. >> her story of grief and recovery after the death of her husband, the one thing she says is so important for everyone to know. >> reporter: hello. i'm mike live in portland where trail blazers try to knock out a victory. steve kerr will not be on the bench. and 4:11 on a monday. 101 on san jose, southbound lanes
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business as usual today for many san francisco merchants who lost power on friday as they assesses their losses and this mayor asks for an investigation into what happened. a quick reminder what might happen if and when a major earthquake hits. >> reporter: star convenience relies on b.a.r.t. passengers for many lottery sales. when the montgomery station was shut down due to power out annual, the owner lost thousands of dollars. >> it's a big revenue generated
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tore and traffic generator and people come to buy lottery, they buy other thikts, too. >> about $2,000. >> reporter: that's how much this restaurant lost and without power their lucrative lunch business was gone. today, the mayor assured the customers the utility will be ready to receive claims from local businesses. those are only a few of the nearly 90,000 customers affected by this outage. the mayor is asking the owner of pg&e to check all the substations. >> we need that assurance from them and i got the ceo who said they will do it. >> reporter: it caused a fire on larkin and eddie streets in the process of undergoing extensive upgrades. because water could not be used, it took a long time to reduce the temperature inside the
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substation and why it took so long to restore power. the mayor believes friday showed how people are likely to react following a significant earthquake. >> i'm always getting ready for the big one and i asked everybody, go to fs to make sure you're prepared as well. >> we will do better next time and not prevent chaos. >> reporter: for now she and her eployees are eager to put the event behind them. abc7 news. >> what if you could link a carpool to work with getting your kids to school. uc berkeley has come up with an app that will do just that, they call it a hub. they've been named a finalist in the next generation mobility challenge. >> our idea toys bring those two sets of parents together after they drop their kids off at school. they find a common meeting location and commute together. >> the app would consider the
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time and location of their child's school as well as your workplace and when you need to be there. >> warriors will play portland tonight going for a sweep of their first round playoff series. >> for the second game in a row the warriors are without head coach steve kerr. and shuhas more on the spotlight in kerr's absence. >> shu. >> it's the second time the assistant coach will take over and he said he will not get back until he can silence the debilitating headaches. >> i decided i couldn't coach. as of now, i'm consulting with my doctors, i'm hoping for some improvement. if i can get some improvement i'll get back on the sidelines. i'm not going to do that unless i know i can help the team. >> assistant coach mike brown will take the reins for the
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second straight game and told us this suddenwitch at the top of the bench has not been a problem thks to kerr. >> steve has done a terrific job laying that foundation here and owl of us assistants understand what it's about and so do the players. basically we're trying to keep it going. >> how tough is it to watch your coach go through this? >> it's tough. he's our leader and wants to be here to coach us and be around us. it's tough for him and his health is first to make sure he's okay for the long run and do our best to hold on until he can come back. >> coach kerr will not come back until he can come back and coach full time due do his health issues and has no timetable for his return. >> we hope over the next week or two i can make a definitive realization or deduction or just feel it that, you know, i'm going to do this or i'm not.
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>> i want to say the players want to win one for the gipper. if they can close portland out that would give them six days before the next game which might help steve get back on the bench. portland, abc7 news. >> thanks. you can leave your get well wishes on our facebook page or put it on your own page. >> this is very difficult for steve kerr who has endured so much pain. >> we wish him the best. spencer with what's ahead. >> we will begin with the high temperature trend this week and off toe a bit of a cool start. and it will be a degree or so below average. going into the weekend, temperatures in the low to mid 80s concord, about 10-12
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degrees above average indicative what the entire bay area can expect. we have this. lots of clouds hanging around the bay area, not much rainfall but misty in a couple spots. lots of clouds and forecast features, clouds lingering overnight. light showers possible wednesday and about our only chance for precipitation this week. sunny and warm. ranging from upper 40s to low 50s. our day planner for tomorrow indicates the clouds will be dissipating early in the day. early in the morning we get off to a cloudy start and sunnier skies, high temperatures 70 degrees inland and remain on the warm side, temperatures going into the early evening hours. for wednesday morning, notice the increase in clouds, moisture
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moving to the north bay possibly producing light sprinkles and light showers and will disappear quickly. we will be the beneficiary of a statewide warm-up, warm air from california and beyond and will carry our temperatures above average across most of the region. we will also see an increase in wind at the end of the week. fridays, wind gust animation shows it going into the mid to late afternoon hours. winds becoming quite strong and gusty across the entire region and we'll call it warm and windy. 7-day forecast. clouds will linger the next couple of days and flashes and bright skies and basically a bit overcast through wednesday and slight chance of showers and brighter skies prevail thursday and friday through monday, sunny skies, hardly a cloud to be found and what a warm-up, high temperatures low to mid 80s inland and mid to upper 60s and
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near 70 on the coast. we're talking beach weather. >> makes it perfect. >> kind of. when you take on the airplanes, the interior is so mobile it could change with every flight. what this could mean for your next trip. it is not something we have a fixed amount of. it's a muscle. >> recovering from tragedy, facebook's sheryl sandberg, how
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facebook ceo cheryl sandberg is out with a new book. this one is about recovery from grief. >> from abc morning, speaking with sandberg today about her book and recovery. >> facebook cheryl sandberg is candid about her heartbreak and isolation after the sudden death of her husband, dave goldberg. it's that candor you'll find in
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that book, option b. >> acknowledge other people's pain. don't not say anything. you can't remind someone they're going through something. you can't remind me dave died, i know that. >> reporter: the title when sandberg was upset about his absence is in father-child activity and option a was not available, she'd have to make the most of option b. >> so often we don't know what to say or do. >> reporter: sandberg said option b is a guidebook not just for the person dealing with the tragedy but those rallying around that person. >> resilience is not something we have a fixed amount of, it's a muscle and we build it and we can build it by helping each other recover and find joy. >> reporter: the best way to help, don't ask, just do. any act of kindness no matter how small. meanwhile, sandberg hopes it will be a support through facebook. she says h los has made her
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more grateful. >> i will never make another joke about growing old again because it is a gift. >> reporter: in san francisco, jessica castro, abc7 news. >> you know how expensive the bay area is, it's crazy. now, even some six figure salaries are considered to be low-income, believe it or not. the department of housing and urban development just released its 2017 income limits summary, the baseline they use for who can qualify for affordable housing programs. $105,000 a year is now considered low-income for a family of four in san francisco and san mateo county and 84,000 in santa clara county and alameda, 80,000 and the low threshold. monuments to the confederacy are coming down in louisiana. workers wearing bullet-proofed vests and masks pulled down some
4:27 pm
statutes overnight. the mayor of new orleans says it's only the beginning. the countdown to president trump's 100 day office could become a countdown to chaos. the budget battle going on right now in washington. the california man making a difference and
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. two of the groups that invited ann coulter to uc berkeley are suing the university and the police, this lawsuit after the commentator's speech on campus was rescheduled this week to next week when students are out of class and studying for finals. the group claims coulter's constitutional rights are being violated and says she will come to berkeley this thursday and the university says there's no safe pla for coulder to speak on campu this thursday. kate larson and a scary situation that took place on b.a.r.t. witnesses say between 40 and 60 teenagers jumped on b.a.r.t. and robbed seven people of their phones and bags. there will be six more weekends of cancellations and delays at fso because of runway repairs. leslie talked to flyers she said are so frustrated.
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president trump closing in on his 100th day in office that could end with a government shutdown. live in washington to explain. >> reporter: the money for the government runs out on friday meaning without a deal the government would be shut down on the president's 100th day in office. a push to put points on the board ahead of president trump's first 100 days. >> this is a very exciting time for our country. you see what's happening to our country in terms of jobs and business, there's such excitement and enthusiasm. >> the countdown to president trump's 100th day could become a countdown to chaos. congress has until the midnight before to pass a trillion spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. that could be complicated. >> we will continue to push for healthcare reform. i think the law will b an area forwarded. >> reporter: the president
4:32 pm
tweeting if our healthcare plan is approved you will see real healthcare and premiums start tumbling down. obamacare is in a death spiral. and he plans to unveil his tax plan and the proposed wall for the u.s.-mexico border. so far, democrats are refusing. treasury secretary, steve ma mnuchin not saying whether it's a done deal for the government shutdown. >> i will say the president is working hard to keep the government open. >> reporter: and even though he is falling short of promises he made to voters, the administration is touting less important bills and executive orders as signs of his ccess. >> you think about what he started, moving forward on tax reform, immigration, trade, it's been a hugely successful first 100 days. >> sean spicer says he can't guarantee there won't be a
4:33 pm
government shakedown but they are confident that won't happen. saturday is not only the 100th day in office for mr. trump, also the night of the white house correspondent's dinner and the president said he won't be here, correct? >> right. it is always a big night in washington and the president said he would not attend and instead holding a big rally in pennsylvania almost in hostility to the press core and two events to look forward to. chinese's president is urging president trump to avoid escalating the situation in north korea. the two spoke by phone today and said he hopes all parties remain restrained. it comes amid north korea and a navy strike group and that one
4:34 pm
of its lecturers who holds korean and northoreanoreanorean citizenship has been detained. >> what's been going on since i've been gone? >> he made his first public appearance moderating a forum with young people on community engagement. >> the single most important thing i can do is help in any way i can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world. >> the former president has kept a pretty low profile in the three months since leaving the white house. today's event stands to serve as a warm-up for a higher profile in the coming weeks. thousands took to the streets of los angeles today to mark the anniversary of this 1915 armenian genocide. they demanded the u.s. and
4:35 pm
turkey recognize the 1.5 million armenians under the empire as genocide. turkey denies they were genocide. president trump followed his predecessors and called it one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th centuries. and the governor called it a day of remembrance. in the middle of the night, workers took down the liberty place monument and says more will come down. reaction from both sides. >> reporter: wearing masks and bullet-proof vests, city crews moved the monument. the 35 foot granite attributed to the right against racial integration of the city's police department but to others, a
4:36 pm
symbol of hate. >> there was no vote. if there was a vote, they wouldn't be taking it down in the middle of the night. >> you elected them. welcome to democracy. >> reporter: they sparred with opponents who said taking down the monument is erasing history. >> we will no longer allow the confederacy to be put on a pedestal in the heart of our city. >> reporter: some not happy how it's playing out. >> we're happy to see this hated statute be taken down. disappointed with the mayor it's being done in the middle of the night where people can't celebrate. >> reporter: the mayor blames the timing from death threats of protesters where the crew will remove the other monument at night. >> this is the first of four monuments slated for removal. the mayor won't give an idea
4:37 pm
when that happens citing security threats. in that cross country kidnapping case involving a student and teacher that ended in california. this afternoon, the federal judge in sacramento ordered ted cummings to be held in tennessee. he planned to take the 18-year-old girl to san francisco and he switched the license plates twice and turned off the gps to avoid from being tracked. the first of two arkansas lethal injections in one night. they're scheduled to die by lethal injection this evening. the two admit their guilt but fighting their excushions. if they go forward they will be the second and third since lt thursday. ey wanted to execute eight inmates when one of its drugs expire before the end of the
4:38 pm
month. a plane that can transform. >> you have broken the record. >> making history in space, trrp's announcement with a bay area astronaut by his side. i'm michael finney. askfinney just ahead. i'll answer your question live later. >> we're looking at stubborn clouds that don't want to go away. they will.
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the winnerings of what can be called the green nobel prize will be honored in san francisco. six people will be the recipients of the goldman environmental prize the prestigious award for grassroots environmental activism. one is from california, marc lopez being honored to persuade the state to spend $166 million to clean up contamination at battery plant in east los angeles. >> being successful at getting the i start to clean up our communities. that's not complete. we had to fight every step of the way from when they only wanted to clean two homes to clean up 40 to 80 to 209 to now over 10,000 homes, right. and we're still not done. >> the awards will be handed out tonight at the san francisco opera house. there was a moment of joy in richmond, virginia, two osprey
4:42 pm
eggs hatched. the baby emerged from the together grab a bite from its mother. they're the first of three expected to hatch this week. thousands logged on to catch a glimpse of all the action. this is a live look at the nest. the mother osprey has been sitting over her eggs for most of the day, keeping them warm and out of sight of predators. now, your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> starting with live doppler 7, clouds lingering across the area now. not that we're getting rid of them, a couple days before they're done with us. look for temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and tomorrow, flashes of brightness in the sky but clouds linger. mid to upper 60s around the bay and upper 60s to near 70s in the inland areas. taking us to wednesday we might see a couple sprinkles of
4:43 pm
showers in the north bay. loks like they will dissipate quickly giving way to sunnier skies ahead. after tuesday and wednesday, much better skies wednesday and thursday and sunny skies up to 80 around the bay and close to 70 in some coastal locations. this is a big warm-up and sustained one for the weekend. >> thank you. making history in space, the special phone call today from the record breaking astronaut and bay area astronaut also played a part today. >> what
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just want to make a quick correction. we told you about the three osprey chicks that hatched overnight. there's the mom on aive webcam. they're in richmond but richmond, california, not richmond, virginia. it gives us an excuse to show an extra 10 seconds of the osprey here in richmond, california. >> thanks. an historic day in space. u.s. astronaut peggy broke the
4:47 pm
record number of days in space by a u.s. astronaut. the historic moment and the special phone call she received. >> this is a very special day in this colorious history of american spaceflight. >> with his daughter, an astronaut by his side, president trump welcomed peggy who broke the record for the most days spent in space by an american. 534. >> that's actually a huge honor to break a record like this. it's an honor for me basically to be representing all the folks at nasa who make this spaceflight possible and make me setting this record feasible. >> reporter: interstellar dreams have been on her radar since she was a little girl in iowa. at 9 she watched the moon landing and got a ph.d. in chemistry and landed a job at nasa. it was 10 years before they decided she had the right stuff.
4:48 pm
during her conference call with the president she described her mission and then this moment. >> water is such a precious resource up here that we also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable. it's really not as bad as it sounds. >> that's good. i'm glad to hear that. better you than me. >> by the time she lands in september, peggy will have spent 6 days in space more than any other astronaut. the world record 879 days in space is held by the russian astronaut who has announced his retirement. "abc news," new york. >> astronaut kate rubens attended the white house event, she grew up in napa and served on the space station last summer becoming the first person to sequence dna in space and said the work highlighted what can be done with technology and innovation. >> not just technology demonstration, we can use that
4:49 pm
to do things like detect mike kroeps on the space station, look at astronaut health and use that for looking for disease outbreaks and rural healthcare as well. >> rubens attended san diego and received her ph.d. in biology at stanford. michael finney has questions sent to him. the first from yvonne in san francisco who wants to know we upgraded our home in hawaii by adding solar. how do we claim the tax rebate being that we work here in california. >> good question. you can submit a claim for the tax credit, not a rebate, when you file your irs taxes. if you already filed you can re-file and still get this money. as long as you bought the solar panel for your home, even if you don't currently live in the home look at the residential energy credit form 5675, on the irs website, easy to find but if
4:50 pm
you're not used to looking for it, maybe it's not. i will post on our website in a few minutes. >> if you have a house in hawaii, you're already ahead. om daly city, is it rightfully good to have a makeup company not replace a product that has been ruined. >> in california, every retailer gets to set its own return policy. there are not rules on this what the policy must be. however, the store must apied by their own rules. if they post no rules the consumer can expect to make or exchange a return within the first seven tase. check the store's policy. if it's not following the rules, point that out. if they don't budge, contact me at the station. >> all right. james from fremont asked todoesy homeowner's association have the
4:51 pm
right to ask me to move my basketball court. >> absolutely. basketball hoops are controversial, really controversial. you may say it sounds silly and most people don't want to look at someone's basketball hoop or listen to them playing in the middle of the night. and why most associations have rules when a basketball court can be set up or used. you need to look at that and see if they're making you wlif by the rules or making new rules for you. you can record it using #ask and i will answer it right here so you will get your answer. >> i like my hoop, michael. >> everybody loves their hoop. >> i don't love your hoop. >> here we go. >> thanks, michael. an auction of movie props at silicon valley silicon took in more than $7,000 over the
4:52 pm
weekends. the stormtrooper helmet $38,000. a body suit worn by christopher reeve went for $128,000. and the mask jim carrey wore went for $75,000. people aren't loving the new mcdonald's uniforms, grey on grey. big departure from the classic red and yellow attire. the designer used to work at mcdonald's and said he wanted to create a uniform employees wouldn't mind wearing outside work. social media had a lot to say including asking if mcdonald's was ushering modern distopia and others comparing the uniforms to a "star wars" costume. we asked for your opinion. 27% say they're not loving it and only 24% like the new unis. the new plane that lets you
4:53 pm
swap out interiors on a whim, how its could make flights fun again. thanks very much. a good samaritan helps pret a kidnapping in the san francisco heights area. and one bite at a time. queen elizabeth bestowing a big honor on a bay area business leader, coming up on "abc news" at 5:00.
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all right. here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. 8:00, "dancing with the stars," quantico at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00. airlines passengers in the bay area are helping with new concepts and features aboard an airline. a mock-up of a fitness center one of several ideas proposed. david louie shows us what flyers think of it. >> reporter: just minutes after it was set up, passengers on
4:57 pm
their way to the gate found theirselves checking this out, a prototype of fitness module. it is testing different types of modules to transform the cabin into something more restful or useful than sitting for hours in a cramped seat. as shown here it can be yoga mats or resistance bands or sitting on a stationary bike. in anything that makes a flight more fun on the flight is a good idea. >> and a children's play area. >> or like a daycare. >> modules to reinvent how food is served and places for socializing are being tested in the bay area to get feedback. >> we're looking at restaurant spaces, spaces designed specifically for families traveling with young kids. >> reporter: with modules airlines can decide what they think appeals to their customers. >> if they are popular you can
4:58 pm
put them in or less popular you can swap them out. >> reporter: is this going to raise fares? partnerships for some will initially pay the costs but some say they would be willing to pay. >> reporter: this might be the place to do this kind of field research simply because people coming to the airport are thinking about they're recent flight experience. david louie, abc7 news. >> i joust love seeing david louie pedaling away on a stationary bike on a would be plane. the fitness module will be available for one month at terminal b in monette ta san jose airport. ♪ ♪ world famous saks player, kenny g serenading passengers after they donated $2,000 for the relay for life charity
4:59 pm
that's facilitated by the airline. nice. kenny g concert, 30,000 feet. thanks for joining us on abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5 starts right now. >> controversy at cal the birthplace of the free speech movement is now being sued accusedyvy -- violating violatig like those movies where you feel like you're living in the airport. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist, sandy patel. a major shift in patterns coming and what this means for you coming up. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm in for christian. >> and groups responsible for inviting ann coulter are making good on their promises. >> they're suing the university for not allowing her to speak as
5:00 pm
scheduled. live outside the offices, is she still speaking this thursday? >> reporter: ama and dan, that is what ann coulter says on twitter and even tweeted it looks like a nice day on thursday in berkeley. the university maintained it does not have a secure venue for her to speak on that day. the attorney says she's sides of the aisle as she takes on uc officials and campus police accusing them of violating their rights. >> i never thought i would be on the same side of an issue as bernie sanders and bill maher. >> reporter: it highlights a high profile speakers policynd where and when they can speak on campus. >> it's not in writing, it's not been publicized but it has been used to shut down twoak


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